Little Sandman Website

status: lauched in May 2015

tasks: model sheets, prop design, moods, mockups


award: Deutscher Preis für Online Kommunikation 2016 - Kategorie: Website (German Award for online communications 2016 - category: website)

Visual designer from January to July 2014.


  • finding a fitting mood for the final website following design choices of excisting app for mobile devices
  • designing subpages considering special needs of our target group consisting of children age 2 to 7
  • creating model sheets for realisation of assets in 3D
  • designing of seasonal variations
  • adapting design of website for view on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones
  • creating mockups of our final look on different devices

Production: DIGITRICK Gerd Wanie

Comissioned production for "Unser Sandmännchen", rbb


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